Metal Detectors

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  • Made of fine quality stainless steel, wear-resistant, not easy to rust.
  • Compact and lightweight. Designed specifically for search on the beach, underwater search, and surf.
  • Universal model. Perfect for water and surf lines.
  • The handle design is more labor-saving and convenient.
  • Handling Day: 1-3 Days
  • Arriving Day: 15-35 DaysMade of fine quality material
  • practical
  • designed for Fast Sifting´╝îeasy to operate and use
  • wide application range
  • has a long service life.Available ground conditions: sand with silt or clay
  • clay
  • and silt clogged sand with shells and stones. Has perfect washing ability. Fine in using a metal detector on the clean sandy beaches that attract many vacationers.
  • Features:
QAR 329,00
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